ISREN and Alsaeed University Sign MoU to Strengthen Scientific Research Collaboration

ISREN and Alsaeed University Sign MoU to Strengthen Scientific Research Collaboration
ISREN   ——   Mar 19, 2024   499

The International Sustainable Research and Education Network (ISREN) and Alsaeed University announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bolster collaboration in scientific research. This strategic partnership signifies a significant stride for ISREN in its ongoing mission to foster international research cooperation.

Alsaeed University - team members

The MoU was signed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Shleef, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ISREN, and Professor Dr. Adam Alshamiri, President of Alsaeed University.


Prof. Dr. Alshamiri signs the MoU


Zoom meeting of MoU sign ceremony

Expanding Research Horizons:

Professor Dr. Alshamiri emphasized the MoU's potential to unlock new avenues for collaborative research endeavors. The agreement aims to enhance Alsaeed University's research capabilities through several key initiatives:

  1. Enhanced Research Resources: Facilitating the exchange of research data and information between researchers at both institutions.
  2. Empowering the Next Generation:  Providing opportunities for Alsaeed University students to receive research supervision from ISREN experts.
  3. Global Research Network:  Establishing connections between Alsaeed University and national and international research institutions through collaborative projects.
  4. Developing Research Expertise: Offering training programs for faculty and students to refine their scientific research skills.
  5. Knowledge Dissemination: Organizing joint scientific conferences and seminars to promote the exchange of ideas and discoveries.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

This MoU offers a multitude of benefits for both signatories:

  1. Strengthened Research Capacity: Alsaeed University will gain access to a wider range of research resources and expertise, leading to a more robust research environment.
  2. Empowered Researchers: Faculty and students will benefit from training opportunities, fostering a new generation of skilled researchers at Alsaeed University.
  3. Elevated Global Research Impact: Collaboration with ISREN will broaden Alsaeed University's research reach, allowing them to contribute to the global scientific discourse.

This partnership between ISREN and Alsaeed University has the potential to significantly advance scientific research and innovation, ultimately benefiting the academic community and Yemen society at large.


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